Summers in the Shenandoah Valley can be very hot and humid, and this weather can lead to chimney odor problems. You might have thought you could forget about your fireplace and chimney over the summer until unpleasant odors have invaded your home. Fortunately, Blue Ridge Chimney Services can help you. Over our years of working on chimneys in the area, we have experience with solving stinky summertime chimney issues, and we know how to find the causes of the odors and correct them. We would like to tell you more about what causes smelly chimneys and how we can keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

CreosoteCauses of Chimney Odor Image - Shenandoah Valley, VA - Blue Ridge Chimney

Creosote develops naturally during the combustion process of burning wood as a residue that sticks to the inner chimney walls. Not only is this compound so dangerously flammable that the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) names it as a leading cause of chimney fires, creosote is also very smelly. Its strong acrid scent gets worse in humid conditions, which can make your home smell like burned barbecue. Blue Ridge Chimney Services can easily solve this problem by professionally sweeping your chimney to remove all of the creosote. Your home will smell better, and you will have removed a dangerous fire hazard.


If you do not have a chimney cap on top of your chimney, you could have standing water in your firebox, and this could cause a musty smell in your home. If leaves and other debris have mixed in with the water, the odor could be even stronger. You really want to keep water out of your chimney as it can cause a lot of damage. It could even lead to mold growth in your chimney. Blue Ridge Chimney Services has a wide variety of chimney caps that we can help you choose from, and we offer professional installation services to guarantee your chimney is protected.

Wild Animals

Unfortunately, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife will choose chimneys to build nests in due to a lack of trees in the area, and a family of critters in your chimney can cause a lot of unpleasant odors! The worst case scenario is when an animal dies inside a chimney. To avoid this situation, you need to keep wild animals and birds from being able to enter your chimney by professionally installing a chimney cap on top of your chimney. Make sure the chimney cap is equipped with mesh metal sheeting on the sides that will prevent wildlife from getting inside the chimney.

Keep your home smelling sweet this summer! Contact us at Blue Ridge Chimney Services today to schedule your appointment for your annual professional chimney sweeping and inspection.