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Certified Chimney Inspections

Along with annual chimney sweeping, the National Fire Protection Association’s 211 code also indicates the need for a proper professional chimney inspection each year. During a chimney inspection, certified technicians will make sure that your system is functioning properly and safely. When conducted every year, inspections can find problems within the system while they’re manageable, before they get the chance to turn into big, expensive headaches.

We don’t want our customers and neighbors to be left in the dark about the debris creating a fire hazard in their flue; the gaps in their flue liner letting deadly carbon monoxide into the living area; or the small crack in their chimney crown developing into a leak. Everyone from the Chimney Safety Institute of America to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shares the same recommendation, and we can’t overstate how important it is to schedule your annual inspection.

The CSIA-certified technicians at Blue Ridge Chimney Services follow the proper inspection process outlined in the NFPA’s code, including the use of high-tech, thorough video scanning, which can uncover issues that a standard “Level 1” inspection might miss.

If you’d like a deeper look into the inspection process, the Chimney Safety Institute of America offers this helpful video:

The Three Different Levels Of Chimney Inspection

Level 1 Chimney Inspection
This is the basic chimney inspection you should expect if there haven’t really been any changes to your system since the last inspection (you’re still burning the same fuel, haven’t added a new appliance or experienced any damage). Your CSIA-certified Blue Ridge Chimney Services technician will thoroughly check all of the accessible parts of your system’s interior, exterior, connection and appliance, for damage, deposits or obstructions.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection – Video Scan Inspection
You’ll need a Level 2 inspection if there’s been a change to your system (a new appliance or flue liner, a fuel change, if you’ve had a major problem, a chimney fire or weather damage, or if a property is changing hands). A Level 2 inspection includes the visual examination of a Level 1 inspection, and also includes the checking of attics, basements and crawl spaces. This level also includes a thorough video scanning of the flue. For video scanning, we use The Chim-Scan® Series 450 camera system, and you won’t find a better system for examining chimneys. With it, we get a close and detailed look at the flue from top to bottom, and can record video and still images of the interior. With the system’s large monitor, we can give you a thorough look at what we find, too. This high-tech system won’t let problems in your flue go undetected.

Level 3 Chimney Inspection
We always hope that a Level 3 inspection isn’t needed, but it will be necessary if major issues/problems are found. It includes the Level 2 process, but also may require removing coverings or components (like drywall or doors) to more thoroughly examine the whole system.

When it’s time for your annual chimney inspection, call Blue Ridge Chimney Services at 540-217-2030 or click here to schedule an appointment online! We guarantee you’ll be impressed!


Sometimes a chimney inspection uncovers the need for a chimney repair. If that’s what happens in your case, don’t worry…we do expert repairs of all kinds as part of our complete chimney services, so give us a call.

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Mid-Atlantic Chimney Association


"I thank you all for a most excellent job well done. An amazing display of work ethic and good attitude that I have come across in a long time. Chris, Steve and Josh slogged doggedly through what turned out to be the job from hell without so much of a complaint, at least in my presence. In their own company they would have been right to commiserate about the terrible challenges this job entailed. There was nothing routine anywhere here on this install. Cindy and I are very grateful for the quality of both the work and the character of your crew.

I apologize to Chris to have been sleeping in my chair as he wrapped up at about 2 a.m. or so Wednesday morning and pulled out, I did not get the opportunity to thank him and Steve personally. Please pass this on to them and hopefully it will at least make up for some of that missed final thank you. I will look forward to my annual chimney service from now on instead of dreading it. Kudos, Tom and Cindy L. It was refreshing to find that this level of quality still exists in the young adults of today."

~ Anonymous, Boyce, VA

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