Certified Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping

An annual chimney sweeping is an important part of the maintenance of your home. The National Fire Protection Association’s code 211, which outlines the standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances, recommends and requires annual sweeping. But it’s not just industry organizations — the United States Environmental Protection Agency says the same thing.

That’s because a chimney system works to protect the building and its inhabitants from combustible debris, high heat and toxic gases, and to continue to do so safely, it needs this important maintenance. It’s not just suggested for keeping your chimney performing at the highest optimal level – it’s key.


A Few Questions You May Have:

Why Do I Need To Have My Chimney Swept?

One word: creosote. Creosote is a deposit that forms as a result of combustion — the hot air and byproducts rise from your firebox, meet with the comparatively cooler chimney, and condensation occurs, causing creosote to develop. It can look and feel a variety of different ways — sometimes it’s crusty, sometimes more sticky and tar-like — but it’s always, always highly combustible. If it builds up to the point where it restricts your flue, the chances of a chimney fire occurring skyrocket. Regular chimney sweeping makes sure that creosote and other debris doesn’t get a chance to build up in your flue.


masonry chimney
What Is The Sweeping Process Like?

Sweeping is detailed work, and you can expect your CSIA-certified Blue Ridge Chimney Services technician to:

  • Use special tools to clean the system top to bottom, from the grate and the firebox up through the flue and damper
  • Remove unwanted materials from your chimney, including creosote, ash and other debris
  • Check the fireplace and chimney for safety hazards and/or indications of damage

Start to finish, your chimney sweeping will take around an hour and a half, and afterward, you’ll see a clean and safe chimney.


For more information, check out the CSIA-created video above that gives an in-depth look into the whole process of chimney sweeping.


You’re Cleaning Ash And Other Messy Materials — Are You Going To Make A Mess Of My Home?

Absolutely not. Our highly-trained technicians take preventative measures to ensure that mess is contained and removed. You can expect to see drop cloths and runners, and sweeps who treat your home with the utmost respect. We do, however, always request that you move furniture or breakable items that are in close proximity to the work area (within about six to eight feet), to be that much safer. For more appointment tips, click here.

Chimney And Fireplace Cleaning

Blue Ridge Chimney Services uses Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner to remove smoke and soot stains that are robbing your masonry work of some of its luster. Let us know if you think your fireplace or chimney could benefit from a freshening-up!

For all of your chimney sweeping or cleaning needs, call Blue Ridge Chimney Services at 540-217-2030, today or click here to schedule an appointment online!


An annual chimney inspection is the best place to get started for keeping things in good working order and for determining what other chimney services you might need.