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Blue Ridge Chimney – Shenandoah Valley’s Premier Chimney Sweeping Services Provider

Blue Ridge Chimney is a family owned and operated chimney care provider located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We are proud to offer high-quality chimney cleaning, chimney repair and masonry work to Harrisonburg City and the surrounding counties. Our licensed, bonded, insured, and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified technicians travel throughout the Shenandoah Valley, providing comprehensive chimney care at affordable prices.

At Blue Ridge Chimney, your family’s safety and well-being is our number one priority. That’s why we work so hard to keep the fireplaces and chimneys of the Shenandoah Valley in tip-top shape. From annual cleanings & inspections to installing a new wood stove, our expert technicians have the expertise and knowledge to deliver top-of-the-line service.

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Look no further for your next wood burning stove or insert. We have a selection you can see in the comfort of your home and the reliability of certified installers to make sure everything is done correctly

Featured Customer Testimonial

Dear Blue Ridge Chimney:

Thank you for a highly professional service. I want to especially thank Steve and Paul for their professionalism, diligence, and thoroughness.

At every stage, your company handled this service professionally and personably. You scheduled me quickly and accommodated my requests. On the day of service, Steve and Paul called me fifteen minutes in advance to alert me that they were on their way. When they arrived, they listened attentively to what I had to say.

We had two stoves and two chimneys to service and it had been years since we’d had this done professionally. I asked that they take particular care not to let the cats out and, throughout their time here, they went out of their way to ensure that the cats remained secure.

Steve and Paul got to work, starting with the smaller stove and chimney. Access was difficult and the chimney had a substantial build-up of creosote. Unfortunately, years ago, a Northern Virginia chimney service installed my stoves improperly. This led to excessive creosote build-up in my chimneys.

Steve and Paul went over the chimney several times to get as much of the creosote as they could. The used the camera and tools to check the entire inside of the chimney, revisiting especially tough areas. They even left me with a souvenir–a chunk of creosote that bore a remarkable resemblance to the Scream painting.

They work so well together and they didn’t complain even though they needed a lot more time than they’d expected to
complete the job. They were able to complete the second set of pipes and chimney faster, But I know they spent at
least an hour more here than they’d expected due to the way my stoves had been installed.

I offered to pay extra for their time but they declined because the company honors its estimates. I really appreciated that but it wasn’t their fault that the guy who installed my stoves created the problems. I contacted the company and asked them to please accept extra for their time. The owner declined, but I persisted until she said she would be willing to accept it. But then she told me the extra would be given to the two guys as a tip. I love that result and I love family-owned businesses. They get it. And I feel so much safer now with the thorough job these guys did!
Thank you again.

Whether you are in a residential or commercial location, and are looking to have your chimney system annually swept, inspected, repaired, restored or fully rebuilt, our experienced masonry technicians can provide you with the craftsmanship that you’re looking for. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest possible level of service and the best products in the industry. With Blue Ridge Chimney Services on the job, your chimney system will be safer, more efficient, and more beautiful than ever.

Our Service Area

Blue Ridge Chimney is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia and is a proud provider of comprehensive chimney care to the Shenandoah Valley area. We travel as far north as Winchester, as far south as Lexington, and as far west as Franklin, West Virginia! For a complete list of cities and zip codes included in our service area, please click here.

We have designed our website to be a resource for our clients and hope you’ll find it to be incredibly helpful! If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, please call us at 540-217-2030 or fill out our online request form.

We offer a complete range of important chimney services to keep your chimney system in tip-top shape. You can count on Blue Ridge Chimney to be there when you need them.