We Find & Fix Chimney Leaks

We know the feeling that wells up when you see water coming into or around your chimney: frustration, exasperation, worry. At Blue Ridge Chimney Services, our aim is to soothe that frustration and make the leak a thing of the past as quickly as possible.

Leaks are frustrating because finding their source and making the right repair is such an involved process. There are so many points in a chimney system that could be allowing water to access the home, and you want to be sure that repairs are taking care of the whole problem, at its core. The CSIA-certified technicians at Blue Ridge Chimney Services understand chimneys and leaks, and we can help.

Some Common Leak Culprits

When your chimney was built, precautions should have been taken to prevent leaks in specific, vulnerable places, like the top of your flue and the area where the chimney meets the roofline. But often enough, these are the very places where leaks spring up.

Chimney Cap
At the very top of your flue, you should have a metal chimney cap, working to keep rain, snow, sleet, birds and other animals out of your flue. If your cap is damaged, or worse, missing, it could be allowing water to get in. Blue Ridge Chimney Services can properly install a new chimney cap that functions properly with your system while meeting with your personal taste.

Chimney Crown Or Chase Cover
A masonry chimney has a crown built near the flue opening that works to divert rain and snow away. In a factory-built chimney system, the chase cover performs a similar function. If a chase cover is corroding or a chimney crown has cracked, water can begin to make its way in.

Chimney Damper
If your damper — which closes off the flue when it’s not in use — gets stuck in the open position or is damaged, it can also allow water into your system.

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Chimney Flashing
You’ll see metal surrounding the places where your chimney meets with the roofline on your home — that’s called flashing, and it’s protecting your home at a vulnerable point. Flashing can get pulled up or torn in storms, or the caulking around the edges can come loose or come off. And since flashing is custom-built to fit your exact chimney, it requires experience and know-how to repair. The CSIA-certified technicians at Blue Ridge Chimney Services install and repair flashing every day and we are confident we can fix your flashing problems.

Be Proactive: How To Stop Leaks Before They Start

Fixing leaks that have already started is one thing — but you can also add an extra barrier that can stop them from starting in the first place. Blue Ridge Chimney Services can apply a waterproofing sealant to your masonry that will protect it against water, but still allow it to function properly (the brick and mortar needs to “breathe” and allow gases and small particles to move through it). Talk to your Blue Ridge Chimney Services about the benefits of waterproofing your system today!

If you have a leaky chimney, give Blue Ridge Chimney Services a call at 540-217-2030 — we can fix your leaks and prevent water issues in the future or click here to schedule an appointment online.


Our trained and experienced technicians have lots of experience with all kinds of masonry repairs. Don’t trust an amateur for this skilled chimney service. Call us at Blue Ridge for reliable help.