Stove & Insert Sales & Installation

If you’ve already decided to add a new heating appliance to your home, you still have a lot of decisions to make. Depending on the type of heating you’re looking to do, the setup of your space and your personal tastes, you might be best served by a fireplace, a stove or an insert. Blue Ridge Chimney Services can help go over all the different considerations with you so you land on a new appliance that’s a perfect fit. Just give us a call.

Napoleon BANFF Series 1400C Cast Iron EPA Wood Stove on tile with large windows overlooking water to the left

Today’s Stoves Are A Far Cry From Frontier Days

There’s a homey, classic charm to stoves that can’t be denied, but folks who haven’t seen the technological advances with today’s units might be surprised at how modern they’ve become. Today’s appliances have been engineered to be highly safe and highly efficient. These modern wood stoves give off a negligible amount of smoke, require very little tending and accumulate very little ash. Plus, modern units in general are so well-insulated that installation options are almost limitless.

And while you’ll very easily find units that match the nostalgic, old-fashioned look of an old homestead, you’ll also see sleek curves and bright colored options.

Blue Ridge Chimney Services regularly installs Napoleon® wood-burning stoves — we find these to be highly reliable and durable units, and their Vortex technology makes for a particularly clean, efficient burn. These units come in a variety of looks and many even have great, reliable cook top surfaces, too.


Need To Bring New Life To An Old Unit? An Insert Might Be The Way To Go

Homeowners who are looking for an affordable way to rehab a fireplace or stove that has seen its best days might want to look into installing an insert in its place. These can be retrofitted into your existing unit and will have you and your family enjoying a safe and efficient fire in no time. Inserts can work with a variety of different fuels, and come in various styles and looks. Talk with your Blue Ridge Chimney Services technicians if you think an insert might be a good choice for your home — we’ll go over all the benefits and help you make an informed decision.

Napoleon Oakdale Wood Fireplace Insert


If you’re interested in learning more about stoves and inserts, or want to have one installed in your home, call Blue Ridge Chimney Services at 540-217-2030 or click here to schedule an appointment online, and make an appointment with our experienced technicians!

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