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Chimney Video Scan Inspection

For many years, chimney technicians relied on their instincts, a good flashlight and a mirror to find flaws in a chimney system. While instincts and experience are still a big part of proper chimney inspections, we now have incredible tools that allow us to gain closer insight into a flue, finding issues well before they become catastrophic problems.

Think of it like this: If you had a hairline fracture in your toe, you wouldn’t notice it with your naked eye, but you’d definitely want to know about it before walking became a big, big pain. That’s why we get X-Rays. And a Video Scan Inspection is a little like an X-Ray for your chimney system. With a video scan, we get a close look at the entire flue and have video footage and still images that show us exactly what we’re working with. The scan catches even the tiniest detail, so that we can pinpoint small problems early on, and not allow these problems to get worse.

The Chim-Scan® Series 450: The Best Tool For The Job

Blue Ridge Chimney Services uses the state-of-the-art Chim-Scan® Series 450 camera system for all of our Video Scan Inspections. The Chim-Scan system is one of the best tools in the industry. With Chim-Scan, we can get a detailed and accurate view of your flue, and document its condition with video and still images every step of the way. With its 15-inch screen (which is larger than most systems you’ll come across), the Chim-Scan system gives you a clear look into our findings as well, which can help you make informed decisions about your chimney system and your home.

Insurance Claims: The Chim-Scan® Series 450 Can Be A Huge Help

If you’ve experienced damage due to a “sudden occurrence”, such as a chimney fire or major weather incident, odds are your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover it. But you’ll need to have the damage professionally inspected and documented, and the Chim-Scan® Series 450 is perfect for documentation purposes. Blue Ridge Chimney Services technicians can help you with the process, offering clear imagery of the damage and an explanation of probable cause.

If you need help with an insurance claim, call Blue Ridge Chimney Services — we specialize in the claim process and aim to make it as painless as possible.

Do you need a Video Scan Chimney Inspection? Call Blue Ridge Chimney Services at 540-217-2030 to schedule an appointment or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Whatever kind of inspection for your chimney is needed, we can handle all your service needs for your chimney and fireplace system.

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"I thank you all for a most excellent job well done. An amazing display of work ethic and good attitude that I have come across in a long time. Chris, Steve and Josh slogged doggedly through what turned out to be the job from hell without so much of a complaint, at least in my presence. In their own company they would have been right to commiserate about the terrible challenges this job entailed. There was nothing routine anywhere here on this install. Cindy and I are very grateful for the quality of both the work and the character of your crew.

I apologize to Chris to have been sleeping in my chair as he wrapped up at about 2 a.m. or so Wednesday morning and pulled out, I did not get the opportunity to thank him and Steve personally. Please pass this on to them and hopefully it will at least make up for some of that missed final thank you. I will look forward to my annual chimney service from now on instead of dreading it. Kudos, Tom and Cindy L. It was refreshing to find that this level of quality still exists in the young adults of today."

~ Anonymous, Boyce, VA

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