Chimney System Troubleshooting

It’s a lousy feeling: Something just isn’t right in your chimney system, but you don’t know exactly what it is. A bad smell is emanating from your chimney, or you turn the knob to open your chimney damper and nothing happens. When it’s clear that there’s a problem, but the source of that problem is a mystery, turn to Blue Ridge Chimney Services. At Blue Ridge Chimney Services, our aim is to get your system working properly as quickly as possible.

The chimney system is a complex compilation of hard-working parts, and the CSIA-certified technicians at Blue Ridge Chimney Services are trained to understand the inner workings of these parts and the physics behind their proper function. With our knowledge and experience, we can accurately and thoroughly assess any problems that might come up, and repair those problems properly.

Some Common Problems That Require Troubleshooting

Where’s that water coming from?
Chimney leaks are a huge headache, and they can be coming from a variety of places within your system from the chimney crown to the flashing. Our technicians know where to look and how to make the appropriate repairs.

Where’s all that smoke coming from?
You’d be surprised how many different things can cause smoke to come into your home instead of flowing out of your chimney. Some smoke problems have simple fixes (like a clogged chimney cap), but some require much more involved fixes. Our technicians are trained to understand the various issues that could be contributing to smoky chimneys, and to fix them without suggesting unnecessary work.

What’s that smell?
A warm wood fire smells wonderful, but when your chimney offers an unpleasant aroma, it’s hard to be around it. Some common contributors to chimney odors are animals, water and combustible creosote build-up. Blue Ridge Chimney Services knows how to find the source of unpleasant odors and how to clear them up for good.

hands holding chimney swift

After Troubleshooting Comes Repair

We want to eliminate the frustration that comes with not knowing what a problem is or how to address it. When you call Blue Ridge Chimney Services, you can rest assured that our technicians will pinpoint whatever is causing your system to work improperly, and will suggest only the necessary repairs.

Our CSIA-certified technicians can handle any problems that might come up, from replacing a chimney damper to chimney crown resurfacing or a full chimney rebuild.

Let Blue Ridge Chimney Services put an end to those chimney problems. Call us at 540-217-2030 to set up your appointment today or click here to schedule an appointment online!


If you have a smoking chimney problem, we can find the cause and make the necessary repairs without making a mess. Give us a call for some expert help.