As we head into the spring season, many homeowners across the Shenandoah Valley are taking a look at the exterior of their houses to see if winter weather left behind any damage. Unfortunately, masonry chimneys are vulnerable to deterioration because of the freeze/thaw cycles that occur during the coldest months of the year, and this type of masonry damage can leave behind cracks and gaps that allow water to leak into homes through umbrella over a housethe chimney and fireplace system. If you notice any broken or missing bricks and mortar joints from the structure of your chimney, you should contact Blue Ridge Chimney Services because you are at a higher risk for a leaky chimney, which can lead to even more extensive damage and expensive repairs. We are a trusted family-owned and operated comprehensive chimney care provider based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and we are proud to offer high-quality professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services to this region. Our technicians have been trained and certified by industry experts like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and we specialize in taking care of chimney water leaks. Although your first instinct may be to call a professional roofer when you notice the signs of a water leak, our team understands exactly how common water leaks can occur through the chimney, and we can get your problem solved as quickly and economically as possible. We would like to tell you more about how chimney water penetration damage occurs as well as what you can expect from our professional chimney services.

What are the signs of a chimney leak?

The earlier that you notice that water is coming down your chimney, the better, which is why Blue Ridge Chimney Services recommends that you make it a habitual routine to check out the condition of your exterior chimney. The most common signs of chimney water penetration are cracked, broken, and missing masonry materials as well as white, black, or brown stains near the top. As soon as you notice either of these signs, you should contact us to schedule an appointment for a professional chimney water leak inspection. Other signs that can alert you to a water leak in your chimney are rusted metal components such as the damper and water stains on the ceiling and walls of the room of your fireplace. You may also notice a musty odor if water is getting into your home through the chimney.

How can water leaks damage my chimney?

If water is getting into your chimney, you are at a high risk for suffering from a wide range of problems that could become very serious. When the metal components of your chimney are rusted, they can be unsafe to use. A good example of this type of damage is your damper becoming stuck in the closed position from corrosion damage. Your chimney liner can also become cracked and damaged as well. According to the CSIA, the worst deterioration can happen during the winter. Masonry materials are naturally porous, so any moisture that is trapped inside the bricks and mortar joints of your chimney will freeze and expand every time the temperature falls below freezing. When the weather warms back up, the force of the water thawing out can be strong enough to cause the bricks and mortar joints to crack, crumble, and break apart. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles during the winter can result in extensive deterioration that can lead to serious structural problems, which include the collapse of the entire chimney structure, if these repairs are neglected.

How can Blue Ridge Chimney Services help me with my leaky chimney?

You can depend on our team of professionals to take care of any water leak problems that you may be experiencing with your chimney. After we have diagnosed the source of your chimney leak, our technicians have been trained and certified to properly repair any damaged masonry materials with techniques that include tuckpointing. Once we have repaired the water leak damage, we can then make recommendations for the best water penetration preventive services for your chimney. We provide an option of these services, which include professional chimney cap installation and flashing construction and repair. To give your masonry chimney the ultimate protection against water leaks, we strongly recommend our waterproofing services. We only use 100 percent vapor-permeable waterproofing formulas that have been specifically manufactured for chimneys so that you will not have to worry about further damage from combustion gases and vapors trying to escape through the masonry materials. After we have waterproofed your chimney, you will be guaranteed to have no water leaks for at least a decade, which is why our waterproofing services are such a great home investment.

Are you dealing with a leaky chimney? Contact us today at Blue Ridge Chimney Services to schedule an appointment for a professional chimney water leak inspection. You can count on us for all of your professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation needs.