Before fall arrives, it is important to be sure your fireplace and chimney work properly and safely. You do not want to deal with necessary chimney repair work once the weather has gotten colder as you will want to be using your fireplace for warmth. It is normal for your chimney and venting system to suffer from damage and deterioration over the years, and this damage can make your fireplace and chimney unsafe to use. At Blue Ridge Chimney Services, we are often asked what are the signs of a fireplace and chimney system that needs attention. The best way to know whether or not your chimney needs essential repairs is to have a professional chimney inspection from our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps, but we would like to share some of the signs to help you know if your chimney and fireplace need attention.

Exterior Chimney SignsDamaged chimney - Shenandoah Valley VA - Blue Ridge Chimney

Fortunately, the signs of exterior chimney damage are obvious. When you have a masonry chimney, you should look for broken or missing bricks and mortar, cracks in the bricks and mortar, and tilting or leaning of the chimney structure. If you have a metal prefabricated chimney, be on the lookout for loose sections, rusting and corrosion, and bending or other movement in the wind. If you do find signs of damage on the exterior of your chimney, the online encyclopedia of chimney resources for homeowners recommends that you schedule a professional chimney inspection of its interior as the damage could be even worse within your chimney.

Signs of Water Leaks

If you notice peeling paint or wallpaper, stains on the walls and ceilings, and moisture near your fireplace, these are all signs that water is leaking into your home through your chimney. A damaged or missing chimney cap and a damaged flashing system are two of the main causes of chimney water leaks. However, several other issues could be leading to your chimney leak problem, so if you do see signs of water leaks, you should contact Blue Ridge Chimney Services as soon as possible so that our trained chimney technicians can find the source of the leak and repair it.

Signs of Fireplace Damage

Check out your hearth for breakage and wear of the brickwork that could cause fire hazards. Take a look at the components of your fireplace such as your damper to be sure it opens and closes correctly. Examine the connector pipes from your heating appliance to your chimney. If you notice any holes or rusting, these are signs that a pipe needs to be replaced or repaired. Look at the firebox to see if there are any signs of damage present such as cracks or bulges.

If you have seen signs that your fireplace and chimney need attention, do not hesitate to contact Blue Ridge Chimney Services. We can get your system ready for the cold weather by repairing any damage you may have.