Are there hidden hazards lurking inside your chimney? It can be challenging to know whether or not there is damage or problems on the interior of your chimney. To be completely sure of the condition of your inner chimney, Blue Ridge Chimney Services recommends our video scan inspection. We are proud to use the Chim-Scan Series 450 camera system for all of our video inspection. However, certain situations such as a chimney fire require documentation. This is why a video chimney inspection is very important.


masonry chimney As mentioned above, there are times when you need to have the condition of your chimney documented. If your chimney has been struck by lightning or another weather event, you will need to submit photographic evidence of damage to your home insurance agent. Another situation when you need documentation of the condition of a chimney is when buying a home. If a chimney fire or other problem has occurred that could cause the chimney to malfunction, you can use the video from our inspection to negotiate the cost of needed repairs. You can trust Blue Ridge Chimney Services to help you get this evidence!


When something goes wrong with your chimney and fireplace system, and you have taken every step that you can take on your own. Then it is very likely that the problem is inside your chimney. Of course, you can always try to look up the flue with a mirror and flashlight, but the damage often cannot be seen without a video scan inspection. Typically, our CSIA-certified chimney professionals at Blue Ridge Chimney Services recommend that you have a video scan chimney inspection. We want to properly diagnose your problems.

If you have been having issues with your chimney and fireplace system, a video scan inspection is very important in making a correct diagnosis of the problem. Contact us today at Blue Ridge Chimney Services to schedule an appointment for our professional chimney inspection services!