It’s easy for homeowners to spot exterior chimney damage. However, it is close to impossible to see if there is anything wrong inside the chimney! Several dangers lurk within the flue. This includes creosote accumulation, blockages of debris, and cracks in the chimney. Do you want to be completely certain that your entire chimney is free of damage? If so, you need to have it inspected every year by a professional chimney technician. However, even the most experienced professionals have a hard time seeing every inch of interior chimneys. This is why the use of video cameras is so important during an annual inspection! Unfortunately, most chimney companies only use video cameras when required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in their Level 2 and 3 inspections. If you want a video scan during a basic Level 1 chimney inspection, you will have to pay extra for this service. This is not the case with Blue Ridge Chimney Services. We include a video scan with every inspection free of charge! Now, we would like to tell you more about the importance of a video camera chimney inspection.

What type of video camera does Blue Ridge Chimney Services use during chimney inspections?

The Importance of a Video Camera in Chimney Inspections - Shenandoah Valley VA - Blue Ridge Chimney ServicesWith your safety in mind, we use a video camera that has been made specifically for inspecting chimneys, the Chim-Scan Series 450 camera system. Using state-of-the-art technology, this camera system gives us an up close look at every part of your interior chimney, which allows us to spot damage that would have been missed without the camera. Our chimney technicians love using this system for its ease of operation. Also, its large 15-inch screen provides a clear view of the inside of your chimney!

Why is this video camera such an important tool for chimney inspection services?

The ability to view every inch of a chimney’s interior during this essential annual maintenance task is vital. It gives the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technicians at Blue Ridge Chimney Services an unparalleled advantage in ensuring our customers’ safety from dangerous hazards. These hazards could otherwise go unnoticed without the use of the Chim-Scan camera system. Another great benefit of a video camera chimney inspection? The camera also captures still images during the entire scan of the chimney. If we do find any problem during this scan, we will provide you with photographs of the damage. This feature is crucial if your chimney has been damaged by a chimney fire, a weather event, or an earthquake. Why? Well, now you have the exact type of evidence that your home insurance company will need when you file your claim!

Need to schedule an appointment for your annual professional chimney inspection before winter arrives? Contact us today at Blue Ridge Chimney Services. Let us tell you how you can watch the inspection process alongside us as it happens on the Chim-Scan Series 450 camera system!