When you have your annual chimney inspection performed by Blue Ridge Chimney Services, you will have a video scan included with your inspection. We are one of the few chimney companies who includes a video scan on every chimney inspection. Most chimney companies will charge you extra for this service when they perform a Level 1 chimney inspection; however, Blue Ridge Chimney Services provides you with a video scan no matter which level of chimney inspection is performed. We are proud to use one of the best tools in our industry, the Chim-Scan Series 450 camera system for all of our video scans. We would like to tell you more about this system as well as the benefits of getting a video scan with your basic chimney inspection.

Chim-Scan - Blue Ridge Chimney - Charlottesville VAWhat is the Chim-Scan camera system?

At Blue Ridge Chimney Services, we like to compare the Chim-Scan camera system with an X-Ray. This camera allows us to get an up-close look at the inside of your chimney. The system provides us and our customers with video footage as well as still photos of the interiors of chimneys. A Chim-Scan camera system can pinpoint exactly where the tiniest bit of damage is and alerts us where any necessary repairs should be done. After we are finished with the inspection, we can show you the video results on the 15-inch screen to help you make informed decisions about your chimney system.

What are the benefits of a Chim-Scan video scan?

Besides having documented proof of any damage you may have within your chimney, there are certain situations where having a Chim-Scan video scan can benefit you greatly.

  • Insurance Claims: If you have experienced an event such as a chimney fire or a major weather incident that has damaged your chimney, you will be able to provide your home insurance company with the evidence they need to cover your claim. Our technicians at Blue Ridge Chimney Service can assist you with this process by giving you both clear images of the damage and an explanation of the probable cause.
  • Peace of Mind: Without having a video scan, damage inside your chimney can be easily missed. Sometimes this damage requires necessary repairing to make your chimney safe to use. Having the condition of your chimney’s interior can give you the peace of mind you need to feel secure that your chimney is indeed safe. For example, a Chim-Scan video can find any dangerous cracks or missing mortar joints, risky “patch” jobs performed by non-professionals, and the presence of birds, animals, or their nesting materials they have left behind in your chimney.

Enjoy the benefits of a video scan of your chimney. Contact us at Blue Ridge Chimney Services to schedule your chimney inspection with our Chim-Scan camera system today.