Since your chimney liner stays hidden inside your flue, you may not realize how important it is; however, modern building codes require that every chimney be lined for safety reasons. Even if your chimney is lined, you need to be sure that the liner is in good condition so that it can perform its functions properly. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), your chimney liner protects the combustible parts of your home from heat transfer, keeps the bricks and mortar joints of the chimney safe from corrosive combustion gases, and provides a properly sized flue for your fireplace appliance. As the best choice for comprehensive chimney services in the Shenandoah Valley, Blue Ridge Chimney Services provides professional chimney relining services from our CSIA-certified chimney technicians. We would like to answer a couple of frequently asked questions about our chimney liner installation services.


How did my chimney liner get damaged?

Although chimney liners are built to last for years, they can suffer from damage from being exposed to extremely high temperatures and to water leaks. No matter what type of chimney liner you may have, this type of damage is inevitable after several decades of usage. If you have an older masonry chimney, it is likely that a clay tile liner was built with the chimney at the time of construction. Over time, the tiles begin to flake, crack, and chip, which causes gaps to form. This can lead to dangerous situations, including accidental residential fires started from heat transfer and carbon monoxide leaks into your home.

How can Blue Ridge Chimney Services help me with my damaged chimney liner?

If we find that your chimney liner is damaged, we can remove the existing liner and reline your chimney with a durable and efficient stainless steel liner. We proudly sell and install the HomeSaver UltraPro liner, which is made from strong 316 TI alloy stainless steel. Our professional installation services ensure that your liner will carry a lifetime warranty, which makes this a lasting investment.

If you suspect that your chimney liner may be damaged, your safety may be at risk. To protect your home from heat transfer, Blue Ridge Chimney Services provides professional chimney relining services with top quality HomeSaver stainless steel liners. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our CSIA-certified chimney professionals.