Harrisonburg Is The County Seat & Blue Ridge Chimney Services Keeps Your Seat In Front Of The Fireplace Safe


Harrisonburg is the county seat of Rockingham County in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. We know there is nothing better than curling up in front of a warm fire knowing that you have had your chimney and fireplace maintained by a skilled professional. That’s why homeowners in Harrisonburg call Blue Ridge Chimney Services! We provide the yearly inspections and maintenance you need to ensure your fireplace and chimney are clean, clear and operating at optimum capacity to avoid structure damage, fires and health risks. Here is an overview of the services we provide:

By now we hope you understand how important it is to your safety to have a yearly maintenance performed by a skilled professional to prevent fires or explosions originating in your chimney and fireplace. But did you realize that cracks, leaks, and/or crumbling masonry can interrupt the venting systems designed to draw the combustible gases outside your home? Today’s homes are more airtight than ever, which is a good thing when it comes to energy conservation, but also presents a huge safety hazard if there is poisonous gas seeping back into your home rather than being properly vented outside. Blue Ridge Chimney Services has skilled technicians to provide excellent chimney sweeping and inspections. Our team members have the expertise and state-of-the-art materials to preserve the functionality and aesthetics of your chimney and masonry.

More About Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Chimney Services is a family-owned business located in Harrisonburg. We are proud that our customers appreciate the quality of services we offer and give us such great reviews on Angie’s List. We work hard, from the time you call us through your service call, to make sure our services meet and exceed your expectations. Our technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute along with other prestigious organizations and authorities on fire protection.

Things We Love About Harrisonburg

In 2004 downtown Harrisonburg was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today the Harrisonburg Downtown Historic District shows signs of the community spirit and monetary commitment made to enhance its façade and attract commerce to the area. There are unique shopping opportunities. Attractions such as the Valley Turnpike Museum and the Rockingham Civil War Orientation Center attract residents and visitors.

The Rockingham County Courthouse, Lucy F. Simms School, the Anthony Hockman House, the Joshua Wilton House, and of course the Thomas Harrison House, (Harrisonburg’s namesake) are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These historical places link the past and present.

The Virginia Quilt Museum has both permanent and special collections of quilts which showcase the talents, dedication and heritage of quilt makers (both male and female) dating back to Civil War times.

Harrisonburg is also known for having many festivals and fun events. There are sporting events including disc golf, and special running events, movies under the stars, distinctive holiday festivals and special events, and of course craft shows tailored to each season. The Farmers Market is open year round.

We love the parks…there are an abundance of parks in Harrisonburg where the young and the young at heart can participate in planned activities and programs, hike, bike, walk, people watch, swim and fully appreciate the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley.

James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University offer programs and classes for their students as well as the community. Both feature art galleries showcasing the works of students and local and national artists.

The Edith J Carrier Arboretum and Botanical Gardens sponsor tours, events, special programs, and have a gallery for visitors to observe and appreciate nature at its finest. Be sure to have a camera when visiting!

These are just a few of the places and events that contribute to the community spirit and rich history of Harrisonburg. Blue Ridge is proud to continue in the tradition of our ancestors and help residents of Harrisonburg and throughout the Shenandoah Valley stay safe and preserve the beauty of their homes. Be sure to call us to schedule your yearly maintenance or click here to schedule online!


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