When you own a home with a masonry chimney, one of your most important responsibilities is to prevent water penetration. Because the extensive amount of damage that water leaks can do to the bricks and mortar joints, it’s very important to take measures to prevent water penetration. When Blue Ridge Chimney Services take care of chimneys in the Shenandoah Valley over a decade ago, our most common repair is leaky chimneys.

We specialize in professional chimney masonry repair and water leak preventive services. Our professionals have received training and certifications from industry experts such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We have years of experience with keeping water out of masonry chimneys by installing a variety of different components. We would like to tell you more about one of our preventive services: chimney flashing construction and repair.

What is flashing and how does it prevent water leaks in my chimney?

masonry chimney Chimney flashing water penetration preventive system consists of metal sheeting, which is wrapped in layers around a chimney where it meets the roof to protect this area from water leaks. When it rains, water tends to pool in this spot, and without a good flashing system in place, it can be a common area for leaks. According to Do It Yourself, improperly installed flashing can actually cause water leaks. At Blue Ridge Chimney Services, we have lots of experiences constructing flashing system.

What can I expect from Blue Ridge Chimney Services when they install my flashing system?

Our chimney professionals will take precise measurements of your chimney where it meets the roof so that they know exactly what size of metal sheeting to use. We use high-quality metals for our flashing systems that will stand the elements of weather without suffering corrosive damage. When flashing becomes corroded, it can crack and break apart. This puts your chimney at a higher risk for water leaks.

We will wrap the metal sheeting in two layers to properly protect your chimney. The first layer is known as step flashing, which is woven into the shingles and wrapped around the sides of the chimney. The second layer is called counterflashing. We will embed this layer into the mortar joints of your chimney and then fold it over the top of the first layer of step flashing. Once we install both layers, we will apply urethane caulk to seal any openings on the corners. You can count on us to make sure your flashing will give your chimney the ultimate protection against water leaks.

To keep water out of your masonry chimney where it meets the roof, you need a properly installed flashing system. Contact us today at Blue Ridge Chimney Services to schedule an appointment for our professional chimney water leak preventive services!