As a homeowner, you want to keep your household as comfortable and safe as possible. Start by having your chimney professionally swept and inspected every year! This is an important step towards achieving a safe home.

When you have this annual chimney maintenance service performed, you typically receive a basic Level 1 professional chimney inspection after your chimney is swept. However, certain conditions do require you to have a more in-depth Level 2 inspection that includes a video scan. For years, Blue Ridge Chimney Services has provided the Shenandoah Valley region with professional chimney video scan inspection services. Our trained and certified chimney sweeps use the Chim-Scan Series 450 camera system. This gives us and our customers HD quality images from inside their chimneys. This also allows us to effectively repair damages that could make your chimney unsafe to use. We would like to tell you more about when your chimney needs a video scan inspection.

You updated your old fireplace to a new stove insert.two pictures of chimney sweep on roof against sunset background

Have you recently made any changes to your chimney and fireplace system? This is one instance when the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that the chimney be inspected with a video scan. This ensures that the changes were completed properly. When you install a new hearth heating appliance, like a fireplace insert, there could be issues with your old chimney being too large for the appliance. If Blue Ridge Chimney Services finds any sizing differences, we can give you a fair and honest estimate to fix the issue.

You experienced a chimney fire, a lightning strike, an earthquake, a tornado, or other external events that could have damaged the chimney.

When your chimney has suffered from damage caused by an external event, you will need a video scan inspection so that you will have photographs and video footage of the damage to give to your home insurance agent when filing your claim. You can count on Blue Ridge Chimney Services to provide you with exactly what your insurance agent needs.

You are buying or selling a home.

When a home is on the real estate market, a chimney video scan inspection is necessary. This helps to document any repair or other types of professional work that should be performed for a safe system. You will need photographs and video stills of the chimney damage when negotiating the purchase of the home.

Blue Ridge Chimney Services is proud to provide the Shenandoah Valley with every level of professional chimney inspections. We can include a video scan with the Level 1 Inspection as well. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for our professional chimney maintenance services.