Expert Chimney Rebuilds & Renovations

When your chimney isn’t safe, your home isn’t safe, and your family isn’t safe. So if you have concerns about a chimney that’s showing signs of wear, deterioration and damage, call Blue Ridge Chimney Services. Making sure that our customers are able to safely enjoy their fireplaces and stoves, without worrying that a faulty chimney is allowing poisonous gases or other dangerous byproducts into their living area, is our priority and our passion.

crumbling chimney sitting atop a deteriorating roof

First Things First: Our Experienced Technicians Will Assess Your Damage

If you’re experiencing problems with your chimney, or see cracked, crumbled or spalling (flaking/chipping) masonry, call us. A CSIA-certified Blue Ridge Chimney Services technician will inspect your chimney system, top to bottom, and give you an honest assessment of the damage and what’s needed in order to bring it back to functioning and looking the way it should.

Chimney Services Blue Ridge Chimney Services Can Provide

Chimney Renovations

If it’s possible to make repairs and renovate your chimney, our technicians will outline the problems, and describe the work they recommend and why. We’ve renovated many chimneys for many homeowners in the Shenandoah Valley area, and we take great pride in providing our customers with safe, durable renovated systems.

Renovating your chimney may include tuckpointing, which is the detailed process of removing damaged mortar joints and repairing them with the proper material to look and function like new. You may also need a chimney relining, a new chimney crown, or repairs to your flashing. Any issues hiding in your chimney that are making it unsafe and inefficient will be properly repaired so that you can enjoy a fire without worry.


Chimney Rebuilds

If more significant damage is found that makes a full rebuild necessary, Blue Ridge Chimney Services has a team of experienced masonry technicians who can rebuild a beautiful, functional chimney.

If there’s a bright side to having to rebuild a chimney, it’s that you can have the design and look that you’ve always wanted — change from brick to stone, red brick to white. Whatever your taste, we’ll help create a chimney system that matches it. And every chimney that Blue Ridge Chimney Services technicians work on will be built to our high standards, so you can expect years of worry-free enjoyment.

Historic Restorations

Here at Blue Ridge Chimney Services, we pride ourselves on our historic restorations and we take great care to provide historically appropriate restorations that look great and serve to strengthen the chimney, enhance its beauty, and extend its service life. Historic chimney restoration requires a special kind of masonry expertise and extensive knowledge of the history of masonry and the area. From color matching mortar to locating brick, stone, or tile from the time period of the original chimney, we pay attention to every detail and make sure everything is just right. Give us a call to discuss your historic chimney restoration project!

Do you need to have your chimney renovated or rebuilt? Call Blue Ridge Chimney Services at 540-217-2030 or click here to schedule an appointment online. Our experienced masonry technicians can make your chimney troubles a thing of the past.


We also do complete fireplace rebuilds or renovations, so ask us about all our masonry repair services today.