Expert Fireplace Rebuilds & Renovations

A masonry fireplace has a classic charm. Very few of us fail to see the appeal of a crackling fire in an old log cabin fireplace. But it’s hard to enjoy the fireplace in our homes if it’s not safe, or if it’s smoky, smelly or stained.

Many different issues could be contributing to the problems you’re experiencing with your fireplace, and Blue Ridge Chimney Services technicians can help. We will inspect your system and suggest ways to properly renovate or rebuild. If your Shenandoah Valley-area fireplace needs work, give us a call — we’d love to help.


Rebuilds And Renovations: Blue Ridge Chimney Services Does It All

If your fireplace is structurally sound but is in need of some work, our technicians can examine it thoroughly and come up with a plan to properly refresh the look and function.

If the issues in your fireplace are more considerable and require a rebuild, you can count on Blue Ridge Chimney Services. We have a team of experienced masonry technicians. We can rebuild a fireplace that works exactly as it should and looks exactly as you want it to.

If you love your existing fireplace and want us to recreate its original look, our masonry experts can help. If you want a totally new look, incorporating new colors, design and materials, we’re here to help with that, too — just let us know what you envision and we’ll bring it to life.

fireplace with fire blazing and visible masonry damage behind the flames

Are Smoke And Soot Making Your Otherwise Solid Fireplace Look The Worse For Wear?

If you have a good, solid fireplace that just isn’t looking all that pretty these days due to stains, talk to your Blue Ridge Chimney Services technicians about Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner. We can use this product on your brick or stone to help bring it back to its past glory. Paint “N” Peel gets applied to the stained areas and removed after it’s dried to reveal a cleaner, fresher fireplace surface. We’ve had great results with this product and recommend it for homeowners with a fireplace in need of a pick-me-up.

Fireplace Inserts: Another Option For Down-And-Out Fireplaces

Instead of rebuilding a fireplace, you might benefit from choosing a fireplace insert, which can be retrofitted and installed where your existing fireplace is, bringing it a brand new life. Factory-built inserts come in a variety of designs and work with a variety of fuels — ask your Blue Ridge Chimney Services technicians to go over some of the benefits and help you decide if an insert is the right choice for your home.

Has your fireplace seen its best days pass? Call Blue Ridge Chimney Services at 540-217-2030 or click here to schedule an appointment online. We can renovate or rebuild your fireplace to our high standards and to your taste.


Our experienced masonry technicians can restore your firebox, whether it needs small repairs or a full rebuild.