Did you realize that your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover certain types of chimney damage? Depending on your coverage, your insurance company can help pay for some of your Does Your Insurance Cover Chimney Damage IMG-Shenandoah Valley, VA- Blue Ridge Chimney Servicechimney repairs. Blue Ridge Chimney Services specializes in dealing with the insurance claim process, and we can help you work with your home insurance agent to be sure you have the repairs paid for quickly and easily. We would like to answer a few frequently asked questions about the types of chimney damage that can be covered by your home insurance.

Can I get a home insurance policy that specifically covers my chimney?

According to the article “Chimney Problems Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance” on eHow, you cannot find specific coverage for your chimney. However, the damage your homeowner’s insurance does cover applies to your entire home, including the chimney. This means that the type of chimney damage that is covered is the same type of damage that could occur to any part of your home. If you have a broad-form policy, you are covered under 16 types of damage, including fire, lightning, explosion, and weight of ice and snow. If you have a special-form policy, you are covered for all types of damage except for anything listed in the exclusions.

What are the most common chimney damage claims?

Lightning strikes and chimney fires are the two most common homeowner’s insurance claims for chimney damage. Since your chimney is often the highest point on your home, it can be an easy target for lightning, especially with a metal chimney cap on its top. Chimney fires can occur if the fire escapes the firebox and chars the interior of the flue. Fortunately, any chimney damage from these two situations is covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies.

What sort of exclusions could keep my chimney damage from being covered?

If you do not keep up with the regular maintenance of your chimney, your homeowner’s insurance can refuse to cover any damage. This means if you have a chimney fire because you have not had your chimney professionally swept annually, you may be out of luck with getting help from the insurance company to cover the damages. This is just another reason why it is so important to have your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected every year.
If your chimney has suffered damage from lightning strikes or chimney fires, Blue Ridge Chimney Services can help you with the insurance claims. Contact us to schedule a chimney inspection, and we will provide you with photos and videos of this damage that you can give to your homeowner’s insurance company when you make the claim.