Keep bats, birds and animals out of the chimney - Blue Ridge Chimney - Charlottesville VAIf you have been hearing scurrying sounds or sounds of birds tweeting coming from your chimney, you most likely have squirrels, raccoons, bats, or birds living inside the flue. When you have the right equipment, preventing these animals and birds from entering your chimney is actually an easy feat. You do not want to share your chimney with these animals because they can bring mites, fleas, and other parasites with them into your home, and they also can create some dangerous issues with your fireplace. Our certified chimney technicians at Blue Ridge Chimney Services understand the best way to keep animals and birds from entering your chimney. We’d like to answer a few commonly asked questions we have gotten over the years about stopping bats, birds, and other animals from getting into your chimney.

How can I best protect my chimney from bats, birds, and other animals from getting into my chimney?

A chimney cap constructed from stainless steel with wire meshing on the sides is strongly recommended by The Humane Society of the United States as the absolute best way of keeping these critters out of your chimney. Ensure the mesh is small enough to keep birds, bats, and squirrels from getting stuck in the mesh; however, you do want the mesh to be large enough to let the by-products of combustion exit your chimney.

Is there another method of preventing bats, birds, and animals from entering my chimney?

Of course, a chimney cap should be your top defense against bats, birds, and animals entering your chimney. However, hardware stores do sell ultrasonic devices that can scare animals away from your chimney, although you should know that these devices cannot be a substitute for chimney caps.

What do I do if a bird, bat, or animal is stuck inside my chimney?

For safety reasons, you should never attempt to trap and retrieve the animal yourself. Additionally, trying to “smoke” the animal out can create a fire hazard. It is strongly recommended by The Humane Society of the United States to get in touch with a professional animal removal service to safely remove. You should also keep in mind that a few species of birds, such as chimney swifts, are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which makes it illegal remove them from their nest within your chimney. However, these birds will leave on their own in the fall, and the professional installation of a chimney cap will prevent them from returning to your chimney in the following spring.

If you have been hearing the sounds of bats, birds, and animals in your chimney, give us a call at 540-217-2030. We can help you safely and humanely deal with these unwanted critters.