Why a Quality Chimney Cap Installed by a Certified Chimney Sweep Is So Much BetterWe at Blue Ridge Chimney Services have told you how important it is to have a chimney cap installed at the top of your chimney. One of the best preventive tools against water leaking into your chimney, a chimney cap protects the interior of your chimney from water penetration as well as from bird and animal invasions. Water leaks and animal invasions can cause costly damage to the interior of a chimney, and to be completely protected from these issues by a chimney cap, it is essential to have a high-quality cap properly installed by chimney professionals. You may have seen great deals on chimney caps from the big box stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot, but these caps are made from inferior materials. Plus, when you get a cheap chimney cap from a discount store, you do not have the option of professional installation. While it may seem to be an easy task that you could do yourself, the installation of a chimney cap does have several specific details that should be followed to ensure proper protection. We would like to share with you some information from Do It Yourself about the problems that can arise if you attempt to install a chimney cap without the help of qualified professionals.

For a proper fit, a chimney cap installation requires exact and precise measurements.

You can be sure the chimney professionals from Blue Ridge Chimney Services will be prepared with the correct measurements of your flue before they install your chimney cap. An ill-fitting cap can leave behind gaps that will allow water from rain and melted snow to easily get into your chimney.

For safety reasons, a chimney cap should be secured tightly to your chimney.

Not only are the inexpensive chimney caps you can find at discounted big box stores made from lower-quality materials, but these caps may not even require screws to be secured as they slide into your flue. At Blue Ridge Chimney Services, we only sell chimney caps that can be tightly secured onto your flue. A chimney cap that has been installed loosely without screws to keep it in place is at high risk of being blown away by a strong wind and damaging your property or even the property of your neighbors. Our professional chimney technicians will guarantee that they have securely installed the cap on top of your flue.

A chimney professional can address draft issues during the installation of a chimney cap.

If you have experienced problems with drafts in your chimney, a properly installed chimney cap can resolve these issues; however, some caps can actually make draft problems even worse. The certified technicians at Blue Ridge Chimney Services will evaluate how draft affects your chimney and can install a vacuum chimney cap to prevent any downdrafts. If you would like to improve the efficiency of drafts in your home, we can recommend a wind directional cap that uses a rotating hood to create a partial vacuum in your flue.

Considering a new chimney cap? Contact Blue Ridge Chimney Services to talk to our expert chimney technicians about how we can best protect the interior of your chimney.