If you have an older masonry fireplace, your chimney is most likely equipped with a clay tile liner. Even though clay tile chimney liners are durable and well-built, they still deteriorate over time. Over the years, the tiles start to chip and crack, which creates gaps in the liner. When your chimney liner has gaps, toxic gases like carbon monoxide can easily leak into your home and cause a possible deadly situation. While you can have your clay tiles replaced, it can be an expensive repair project. We at Blue Ridge Chimney Services strongly recommend installing a stainless steel liner to replace your damaged clay tile chimney liner. We sell and install the HomeSaver Ultra Pro stainless steel chimney liner, which provides long-lasting durability and value for our customers. Since we are often asked why we suggest replacing a cracked clay liner with one constructed from stainless steel, we would like to share with you some information from the HomeSaver website to tell you about the benefits of these chimney liners.

HomeSaver Chimney Liner - Shenandoah Valley VA


One of our favorite benefits of the HomeSaver Ultra Pro stainless steel chimney liner is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. These liners have been manufactured to be strong, reliable, and durable for many years and are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, toxic and corrosive combustion gases, and repeated chimney sweeping and cleaning. Constructed from 316 TI alloy stainless steel, the HomeSaver Ultra Pro liner surpasses its competitors in every type of crush testing. In fact, a man of 280 pounds can stand on one of these liners without it even buckling.


The least expensive option when it comes to relining your chimney, installing a stainless steel chimney liner will cost you less than having your whole chimney rebuilt. It also costs about the same as having the tile replaced, but the durability makes the stainless steel liner a better buy. The price of its installation does depend on the size of your chimney and on how much work needs to be done to prepare your chimney before the liner can be installed. The chimney professionals at Blue Ridge Chimney Services can give you a cost estimate for your particular chimney.

Easy to Clean

Another economical factor of the HomeSaver Ultra Pro is its round shape makes it easier to sweep. There are no square corners where creosote deposits tend to gather, and this makes your annual chimney sweeping bill lower because it takes less time for our chimney sweeps at Blue Ridge Chimney Services to do the job.


When you have a cracked chimney liner, the risks of experiencing carbon monoxide leaks and chimney fires can be quite high. Gaps caused by the cracks in the clay tiles allow toxic gases from the combustion process to easily enter your living space. Furthermore, flames from a fire can get through cracks and gaps in a chimney liner and ignite the framing around your chimney to cause a chimney fire that can devastate your house. A stainless steel liner is less likely to become damaged by cracks, which significantly reduces the risk of these hazardous situations.

Questions about replacing your cracked clay chimney liner with a stainless steel liner? Get in touch with Blue Ridge Chimney Services to learn more about the durable HomeSaver Ultra Pro.