We use more than only a magnifying glass to inspect your chimney system!

We use more than only a magnifying glass to inspect your chimney system!

What could make your annual chimney inspection from one of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technicians of Blue Ridge Chimney Service even better and more definitive? Our answer is the Chim-Scan Closed Circuit Internal Evaluation System. Using this video can technology, our inspectors are able to see every inch of the inside of your chimney. And, if there is a problem, you will be able to see the exact issue from the footage. We would like to tell you more about this amazing technology and why an inspection using the closed circuit Chim-Scan camera is so much better than one without this video scan tool.

What exactly is a Chim-Scan?

According to the Estoban Foundation, the company that developed and manufactured this product, a Chim-Scan is a remote imaging apparatus designed to be raised or lowered into a chimney, which gives the chimney inspector and the homeowner the ability to see every inch of the interior of a chimney. With the Chim-Scan Closed Circuit Internal Evaluation System, the inspector and the homeowner have an up-close view of areas that cannot be seen by regular visual means.

What is the importance of using a Chim-Scan during a chimney inspection?

Video scans are required in Level 2 and Level 3 chimney inspections, but Blue Ridge Chimney Service also can use this technology in a Level 1 inspection for several reasons. Because the Chim-Scan camera can see every inch of your chimney’s interior, we may discover hazardous damage that would have been missed without this tool. Damage to the inside of your chimney generally needs repairing before your fireplace can be safely used. Cracks in any part of your flue allow the toxic gases from combustion to easily leak out into your home. Additionally, if you continue to burn fires with a cracked flue, you run the risk of further damage due to parts of the flue not being protected from the heat of combustion. A Chim-Scan can also provide you with video evidence of damage if needed for insurance purposes.

What are the other benefits of the Chim-Scan Closed Circuit Internal Evaluation System?

Along with finding “hidden” flue damage, the Chim-Scan can also be used to diagnose chimney fire damage, find inadequate repair work, and discover the presence of animals and/or their nests inside a chimney. Essential after a chimney fire, it can help with determining the cause of the fire and the extent of any damage which occurred in the fire. The video scan footage also thoroughly documents the situation for your homeowner’s insurance claim. After the scan has been conducted, you will receive written reports, pictures, and/or video recordings.

Need a complete and thorough chimney inspection? Contact Blue Ridge Chimney Service to schedule your annual chimney inspection that includes the benefits of a Chim-Scan camera documentation.