We are starting to head into winter! Now it’s time to make sure that your home will be warm and comfortable through the coldest months of the year. Are you looking for ways to increase the heating efficiency in your house? Perhaps you want to update your existing masonry fireplace. Maybe even adding an appliance to provide supplemental heat? Blue Ridge Chimney Services would like to tell you to look no further. Why? Here at Blue Ridge Chimney Services, we have the perfect solution for your home with a new wood stove or fireplace insert!

We do more than offer the best professional chimney maintenance and repair service to the Shenandoah Valley; we also specialize in building and installing fireplaces and stoves. You can depend on us to help you find the best type of wood stove or insert. Not to mention, you can trust us to safely and properly install it in your home. Now we’d like to tell you more about this economical and energy efficient way to heat your home.

What types of wood stoves and inserts can I find at Blue Ridge Chimney Services?

We are proud to sell wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts that are manufactured by Napoleon Fireplaces! This is one of the leading national brands on the market. Durable and dependable, Napoleon wood stoves and inserts are known as the workhorses in the fireplace and stove industry. You can expect high energy efficiency and low emissions from these appliances. This is thanks to the company’s trademarked Vortex advanced wood-burning technology! It provides long-lasting and clean burning fires. In addition, you also have a wide variety of styles and sizes from several different series of EPA-certified units from which to choose.

What are the benefits of adding a new wood stove or updating my old fireplace with an insert?

Do you want to get more heat in your home for less money? If so, a wood stove can be a great solution! You can use the stove to implement zone heating, which can greatly reduce your winter heating bills. Blue Ridge Chimney Services can install your new wood stove in the most popular room in your home. By doing this, it allows you to be able to lower the thermostat in the parts of your house that are not used as much. Increasing the energy efficiency in your house can be easily done! Simply update your old masonry fireplace with a wood stove insert. We will correctly install the insert into the old fireplace opening. In addition, we will also be sure to properly match the size of the new insert to the chimney. We’ll do this by customizing the flue with a stainless steel chimney liner.

Stay warm this winter for less money with a new Napoleon wood stove or insert in your home. Contact us at Blue Ridge Chimney Services today to find out more about how we can increase the heating efficiency in your house!