Cooler weather is just around the corner here in the Shenandoah Valley. It won’t be much longer before you will want to start using your fireplace. To make sure your chimney and fireplace will work efficiently and safely this fall and winter, The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that you have your chimney professionally swept and inspected before you light the first fire of the year. These maintenance services are important to ensure there are no dangerous hazards, such as a flue blockage or a large amount of creosote buildup inside your chimney.

Schedule Now

Although the month of September is the start of our busiest season, Blue Ridge Chimney Services still has a few open appointment times.  We will do whatever we can to arrange our visit on the most convenient date for you. We strongly suggest, however, that you schedule your chimney sweeping and inspection in the spring or summer to get the exact date and time that works best for you. Once you have scheduled the appointment, we have a couple of requests for you to do before we arrive. We would like to tell you a bit more about what you should do before your chimney maintenance appointment.

Clear the Area Around Your Fireplace

The job of sweeping chimneys is a very dirty job, but the CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Blue Ridge Chimney Services take great care to protect your home. We lay drop cloths down in front of the fireplace, and we will set up a high-powered vacuum to gather dust in the air. We do ask our customers to remove any breakable items from the fireplace area to be extra cautious. It is also very helpful to have any furniture near the hearth cleared away from the area, so if you can make sure that we have a clearance area of about six to eight feet before we arrive, it will make the appointment go more smoothly.

Make Sure Your Fireplace and Chimney Are Ready For Us

For safety reasons, Blue Ridge Chimney Services requests that you do not use your fireplace for at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Our chimney sweeps need your chimney to be completely cooled before they can sweep it. When you have your chimney swept in the summer, this is usually not a problem. However we can have a few cold nights in the early fall in the Shenandoah Valley, so just remember this request a couple of days before your appointment. We also ask that you clean out your ash box, if applicable, before we arrive.

Get your chimney and fireplace ready for fall. Contact us at Blue Ridge Chimney Services to schedule your appointment for your annual chimney maintenance services today.