Is your fireplace ready for this upcoming season of entertaining family and friends? While you can always upgrade your fireplace if your hearth area needs a facelift, you do have a more economical option. If you are on a budget, Blue Ridge Chimney Services is here to tell you we can make your dirty fireplace  new again with Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner. This miraculous product from ChimneySaver can truly do the impossible! We would like to tell you more about this product along with our other professional chimney maintenance services.

What is Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner?

 We Can Make Your Dirty & Dingy Fireplace Look Brand New! - Shenandoah Valley VA - Blue Ridge Chimney Paint “N” Peel is safe to use on almost all types of masonry surfaces including brick, tile, slate, stone, marble, mortar, concrete, limestone, and cultured stone. This product lives up to its promise of restoring the appearance of your fireplace. Like its name, this product is brushed onto the front of fireplace and then peeled away after drying to reveal a clean fireplace. ChimneySaver recommends this product to be used by a hearth professional with the proper tools and experience, such as our experts from Blue Ridge Chimney Services.

What can I expect from a fireplace cleaning from Blue Ridge Chimney Services?

When one of our chimney professionals arrives at your home with Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner, he begin by wiping away any surface rust and taping off any glass, trim, or painted surfaces. He then use specialized tools to apply a thick and liberal coat of Paint “N” Peel to your fireplace front. After allowing the product to completely dry for 24 to 48 hours, our technician then remove it by peeling it away. We hope that you want our assistance with this part because it is amazing to see a fireplace front that’s clean!

What other professional chimney maintenance services does Blue Ridge Chimney Services provide?

For years, we have been professionally sweeping and inspecting the chimneys of the Shenandoah Valley area. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and other fire safety organizations, all recommend chimney sweeping and inspection at least once a year for your chimney to be safe and efficient.

Is your fireplace ready for holiday season? Contact us at Blue Ridge Chimney Services to schedule an appointment for our professional chimney maintenance services, including a fireplace facelift with Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner at 540-217-2030.