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Paint “N” Peel Brick & Stone Cleaner

Aesthetics Are Important, Too!

The most important thing is that your fireplace and chimney are functioning effectively and safely, and an annual chimney sweeping and inspection helps ensure that that’s the case. But we know that you want the brick or stone work that makes up your fireplace to look good, too.

If smoke or soot is making your fireplace look old and dirty, Blue Ridge Chimney Services can apply Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner to bring it back to its former luster.

This product is made to be used on interior and exterior masonry, and we’ve found it to be highly effective. After it’s applied over stained areas, it dries into a rubbery film in about six to twelve hours (depending on conditions), and can be peeled away from the surface, taking stains with it.

A Few Questions You May Have:

What Materials Can Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner Be Safely Applied To?

This product is specifically made to work safely with all kinds of brick (textured or smooth), granite, marble, slate, limestone, concrete and tile. Odds are, if you have a masonry fireplace, it’s a good, safe candidate for Paint “N” Peel cleaning.

What Is The Application Process Like?

Your Blue Ridge Chimney Services technician will prep the area by cleaning surfaces and protecting adjacent materials (fireplace doors, flooring). He will then apply a thick coat of Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner over all areas that need cleaning. With particularly stained areas, he may need to use a thick brush to ensure that the Paint “N” Peel product gets deeper coverage. After the Paint “N” Peel has completely dried, the coating will be removed to reveal a cleaner, more attractive fireplace!

When Cleaning Isn’t A Viable Option

If it’s possible to freshen up your existing fireplace, Blue Ridge Chimney Services will do everything we can to bring it back to life. But if your fireplace is worn beyond simple cleaning and restoration, we can also help you find a smart, effective way to get your fireplace back to looking and functioning beautifully.

We can rebuild your fireplace or recommend and install a variety of inserts, which can be retrofitted right into your existing fireplace, bringing a new look and added efficiency. Talk to your Blue Ridge Chimney Services technicians — we’d love to help you make the right decision for your needs.

We love helping to bring old fireplaces back to looking and working their best. Call Blue Ridge Chimney Services at 540-217-2030 and make an appointment with our CSIA-certified technicians or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Keeping your chimney clean is the first step toward creating a safe chimney system. Let us help with this and other chimney services to reduce home hazards and increase your peace of mind.

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Mid-Atlantic Chimney Association


"I thank you all for a most excellent job well done. An amazing display of work ethic and good attitude that I have come across in a long time. Chris, Steve and Josh slogged doggedly through what turned out to be the job from hell without so much of a complaint, at least in my presence. In their own company they would have been right to commiserate about the terrible challenges this job entailed. There was nothing routine anywhere here on this install. Cindy and I are very grateful for the quality of both the work and the character of your crew.

I apologize to Chris to have been sleeping in my chair as he wrapped up at about 2 a.m. or so Wednesday morning and pulled out, I did not get the opportunity to thank him and Steve personally. Please pass this on to them and hopefully it will at least make up for some of that missed final thank you. I will look forward to my annual chimney service from now on instead of dreading it. Kudos, Tom and Cindy L. It was refreshing to find that this level of quality still exists in the young adults of today."

~ Anonymous, Boyce, VA

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