The Shenandoah Valley is currently feeling the effects of an exceptionally rainy spring. The rolling hills are green as can be and the neighborhood gardens are flourishing. However, the abnormal amount of rain could have potentially damaged your home. If your chimney is not in pristine condition, it is susceptible to costly and dangerous leaks.

Luckily, Blue Ridge Chimney Services has a team of professionally trained and certified technicians at your disposal! We can handle any necessary chimney maintenance such as leak prevention and repair. Read below to learn more about chimney leaks, then give us a call at (540) 217-2030 today!

Signs and Causes of Chimney Leaksbrick half damaged half new

There are some clear and glaring signs that you may have a leaky chimney. The first and most obvious signal is the sound of dripping water in or near your chimney. Other signs include unsightly water stains in your home and a damp smell. If you notice any of these signs, call a professional right away. If left untreated, leaks can be very costly and damaging to not only your chimney but your entire home.

There are several different causes for chimney leaks, but the most common is faulty or missing chimney components. The top of your chimney should have a metal cap to prevent water, animals, and other debris from entering. An uncapped chimney is much more prone to leaks. Another crucial part of the chimney is the damper. The damper closes off the flue when your chimney is not in use, and it lets water into your system when it is broken or missing entirely. Flashing is the metal protection at the intersection of your chimney and roof and is an additional component that stops leaks. Chimney crowns or chase covers direct rain and snow away from your chimney, and therefore their presence is key to preventing leaks. Finally, any problems with the brickwork and masonry allow water to easily enter your system.

Repairing and Preventing Chimney Leaks

As your chimney is under constant exposure to the elements, it is naturally worn down over time. However, leaks are still very preventable. We always recommend annual chimney sweepings and inspections for homeowners. When our trained professionals examine your chimney, we can see if there are any leaks or potential damage that could lead to one down the road. Additionally, if any of the aforementioned components are damaged or missing, we will make the necessary repairs to help prevent leaks. We also use waterproofing sealants on the interior of your chimney to help stop leaks.

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