We Offer Smoke Chamber Resizing & Restoration Services Throughout Shenandoah Valley!

Does smoke back up into your home every time you try to enjoy a relaxing fire in your fireplace? Has the performance of your fireplace declined? It could be a smoke chamber issue!

The smoke chamber of the chimney system doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it’s one of the most important components in terms of performance and safety. This funnel shaped area of the chimney system connects the fireplace to the chimney flue and directs smoke from the fire up into the chimney so it can exit the home. In order to effectively do this, the smoke chamber must be free of buildup, cracks, holes, and other damage that could slow the passage of smoke or allow heat, hot ash, and smoke to access nearby framing and walls.

In an ideal world, the smoke chamber would be impervious to these things, but because it’s right above the fire itself, high temperatures and moisture produced by the fire can lead to smoke chamber damage. Additionally, if you haven’t kept up with regular chimney sweepings, creosote could have built up on the surface of the smoke chamber and caused corrosion and decay.

In addition to damage, performance issues can be caused by a sizing issue. The smoke chamber must be properly sized in relation to the fireplace in order to effectively remove smoke.

Is Smoke Chamber Damage Or Size To Blame For Your Fireplace Issues?

The best way to determine whether or not your smoke chamber is the cause of your fireplace performance and safety issues is to schedule an annual inspection. During an inspection,  our CSIA certified technicians will take a look at your smoke chamber and check for size problems, holes, cracks, creosote buildup, and other concerns.

  • If your smoke chamber is improperly sized, we can resize it so it can effectively usher smoke up into the chimney flue.
  • If your smoke chamber simply needs to be cleaned, we can remove even the toughest creosote.
  • If cracks, holes, and other damage are a concern, we can make the needed repairs and parge the smoke chamber smooth so you’re left with a smoke chamber surface that’s insulated and resistant to damage, and that won’t hinder the passage of smoke.

Don’t wait! If you live in the greater Shenandoah Valley area and you’re experiencing performance and smoke problems with your fireplace, schedule your smoke chamber inspection today! Our technicians provide expert resizing and restoration work for increased performance and safety — call 540-217-2030 or fill out our online appointment request form to get started!

Is your masonry chimney beyond simple repair? We offer complete chimney rebuilds and restoration as part of our masonry repair services.