Chimney Liner Repair & Relining

It is absolutely crucial that the inside of your flue have a liner. Many older chimneys were built with clay tile liners, but you’ll also see stainless steel, concrete-like cast-in-place liners, and sometimes aluminum liners (particularly in flues that are venting hot water heaters and similar appliances).

The liner serves several purposes: It helps to capture and contain harmful gases and other byproducts so that they can be safely vented from your chimney; and it helps protect adjacent combustible materials from the intense heat being produced in your fireplace or stove.

It is the work of the flue that allows you to enjoy an efficient and safe fire. If your flue liner isn’t doing its job properly, you’re working with an unsafe, inefficient chimney that needs attention as soon as possible.


inside chimney flue showing signs of creosote build up and vegetation growth

Some Of The Reasons You Might Need To Look Into Chimney Relining

Your Chimney Flue Doesn’t Have A Liner
From time to time in historic homes, we see chimneys that were built without a flue liner and that weren’t updated as codes and standards changed. It is incredibly unsafe to have a fire with an unlined chimney, and Blue Ridge Chimney Services can help you address that problem.

Your Clay Tile Liner Is Failing
Many homes were built with clay tile flue liners, but even well-built tile liners can experience significant wear over time. Tiles can crack and start spalling (flaking/chipping) and gaps can form (which means that heat, deadly carbon monoxide and flammable debris could be getting into areas they shouldn’t). When clay tile liners begin to fail, we often recommend replacing them with a stainless steel liner which is highly durable and incredibly efficient.

Your Flue Isn’t Sized Correctly For Your Appliance
In order to work and draft properly, a flue needs to be the correct size for the appliance it’s venting. You’ll likely experience problems with smoke that will tip you off to the possibility of an improperly-sized flue, but your Blue Ridge Chimney Services technician can tell you for sure.


Blue Ridge Chimney Services Installs And Recommends The HomeSaver UltraPro Chimney Liner

When installing a stainless steel flue liner, we work with the HomeSaver UltraPro, which we’ve found to offer the best, most durable value for our customers. It’s constructed out of 316 TI alloy stainless steel, and withstands crush tests that far surpass competitors (a 280-pound man can stand on these liners without them buckling).

When installed by a certified, professional Blue Ridge Chimney Services technician, these liners carry a lifetime warranty (which will transfer to future owners if you sell your home) – so you know that you’re investment will last.

If you’re in need of a chimney relining, call Blue Ridge Chimney Services at 540-217-2030 today or click here to schedule an appointment online!


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