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An annual chimney inspection and repair is an important part of the maintenance of your home. Our services are performed by highly trained & certified technicians, so you know you’re in good hands!

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When you see water coming into or around your chimney, frustration, exasperation, worry can set in and you may be wondering what to do. At Blue Ridge Chimney Services, our aim is to soothe that frustration and make chimney leaks a thing of the past as quickly as possible.

There are so many points in a chimney system that could be allowing water to enter the home. The CSIA-certified technicians at Blue Ridge Chimney Services understand chimneys and leaks and are here to help. We identify the source of the leak, provide you with long lasting solutions, and ensure our repairs take care of the whole problem at its core.

Some common parts of your chimney that could be the problem are:

  • Chimney cap
  • Chimney crown or chase cover
  • Chimney damper
  • Chimney flashing

If any of these pieces are damaged, have cracks, or are installed incorrectly, they could be allowing water to seep in creating leaks. Fixing leaks that have already started is one thing — but you can add an extra barrier that can stop them from starting in the first place by waterproofing your system.

Waterproofing is a great way to seal your chimney and keep water out and prevent leaks! If you’re having these issues, call Blue Ridge today for help.

See What Our Customers Are Saying!

We had our chimney inspected by Steve and Paul. They were very professional and knowledgable. Also gave us some good advice on fireplace inserts.
Highly recommend

Betsy Braginetz

The two young men from Blue Ridge Chimney who came to evaluate our situation were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. It was a welcome change, since we had a bad experience with the person from another company who had worked on our chimney and installed our insert wood burning stove previously.

Rap Parsons

Before starting the first fire in the stove of my new house it was recommended that I have the chimney checked. I called Blue Ridge Chimney Service and they coordinated an appointment with me. Steve was the technician. He was punctual and courteous. He cleaned and checked out everything, and explained how to best operate it. I highly recommend his service.

Christa Le Clere

Whether you are in a residential or commercial location, and are looking to have your chimney system annually swept, inspected, repaired, restored or fully rebuilt, our experienced masonry technicians can provide you with the craftsmanship that you’re looking for. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest possible level of service and the best products in the industry. With Blue Ridge Chimney Services on the job, your chimney system will be safer, more efficient, and more beautiful than ever.

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Blue Ridge Chimney Services is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia and is a proud provider of comprehensive chimney care to the Shenandoah Valley area. We travel as far north as Winchester, as far south as Lexington, as far east as Charlottesville, and as far west as Franklin, West Virginia!