An efficient chimney and venting system involves several different components for it to work effectively and safely. One of the most important chimney components has to do with covering the top of the chimney. Without anything on the top, your chimney is like an open door or window into your home that allows birds, animals, and water from rain and melted snow to easily enter. To close off this entrance, your chimney should be covered with either a chimney chase cover or a chimney crown. How do you know which chimney cover is right for your chimney? How do you know when to replace your cover? In order to help you protect your chimney from unwanted invaders, Blue Ridge Chimney Services can answer these questions for you.

What exactly is a chimney chase cover?Chase Cover Replacements - Blue Ridge Chimney Services - Shenandoah Valley

If you have a factory-built or prefab chimney, your chimney is most likely covered with a chase. Prefab chimneys consist of metal pipes, which can be unattractive coming out of a roof, so the pipe is covered with a chase, which is a wooden structure that surrounds the pipe to make it look more like a traditional chimney. To prevent birds, animals, and water from getting into the chimney to cause damage, the chase should be covered. Chimney chase covers are typically made from metal. For masonry chimneys, the chimney is covered with a chimney crown, which is constructed from mortar. If you are not sure whether your chimney is masonry or factory-built, Blue Ridge Chimney Services can tell you.

How do I know when I should replace my chimney chase cover?

The biggest sign that your chimney chase cover needs replacing is corrosion from rusting. If you can see rust stains on your chase cover, it is obvious that your chase cover is damaged. When a chase cover shows signs of rusting, the metal has been damaged. Holes can form on the chase cover, and parts of the metal can break off because rusting weakens the metal. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has warned of the dangers of water to chimneys, so to keep your chimney from suffering from expensive water damage, you should replace the chase cover as soon as possible.

What should I look for in a replacement for my chase cover?

Often, homeowners choose chase covers made from galvanized metal because they are less expensive; however, they do not last very long because they are prone to corrosion from rusting. At Blue Ridge Chimney Services, you will find chase covers made from stainless steel and copper. Both of these metals are very durable, and chase covers constructed from these metals will last longer than a galvanized metal chase cover. No matter which type of chase cover you choose, our chimney technicians can install the cover for you to be sure it covers the chase correctly to keep water, birds, and animals from getting into your chimney.

If your chase cover is showing signs of rusting, contact us at Blue Ridge Chimney Services to find out more about replacing your chimney chase cover. We can help protect your chimney from expensive water penetration damage with a durable new chase cover that fits your chimney perfectly.